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The 103s have been identified by the CARB as a "high emitter engine family", and most are near or slightly above the limit on HC, but you also have a NOx problem, so you need to test the EGR system for proper function. Also, what is the history of your O2 sensor?

Since 103s are typically on the ragged edge, especially on HC, you need to "manage" the test. First, go to a drivethrough place at a time when the line is short. Stay in the car and keep the engine at 2000-2500 revs until the tech is ready to drive it onto the rollers. This will help keep the converters warm. If the car idles too long the converters cool and lose efficiency.

An even better strategy is to go on a rainy day, and specifically ask them to run the "tire dry test". This means they will run the car on the rollers with no dyno load at about 30 MPH for about a minute, but this is enough to heat up the converter and drop your HC count by 10-20 PPM, which will put you under the limit.

BTW, the NOx measurement is in PPM, not percent. It would also helpful if you would post the percent CO2 and O2 results.


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