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This post has no diesel engine content. I hope no one minds. I have the passenger side door panel off today, to see what is making the noise I hear when I raise the window.

Their are two gears approximately 3 inches in diameter that must mesh. The gear that is closer to the motor is not flush with the gear that is attached to the window arm. It stands proud, toward the inboard side of the door. As the window rises, the pressure seems to build up, causing the out of flush condition to get worse. Then, the gears start to skip teeth.

Is there any way to bend the cast bracket back into shape or add washers to realign the two gears? I imagine the regulator is toast, but I wanted to see if there was anything I could do short of buying a new regulator. The three other windows have problems also, however this one is the only one that was making the tooth skipping noise.

The motor seems to be fine, however, when the window is about half way up it would start to slow down. I suppose this could be a binding pressure slowing down the motor or it is just getting weak. I had the motor unbolted from the regulator and operated it. It sounded OK. Can one buy the regulator without the motor?

To remove the regulator, does the window need to be up or down to start with? Any replacement procedure advice would be appreciated.


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