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There is another problem and that is that the color will be most likely yellow. This is a big issue for these HID retro kits. It isn't really the time, money, or whatever else you may or may not encounter. These HID bulbs are about $90/bulb, but they rarely burn out. Sure, there are advantages, but if seeing is the main point. Then, it may not be worth it. If you have E-code headlights or even if you have a H-4 bulb. You're seeing better than me. If you ask me, then get the E-code lights. The HID Kits come only with the electronics behind the light, not the lamp assembly itself, so you'll be using the same lens and reflectors, just brighter. If you need more info., I suggest you visit the Philips Automotive Lighting Forum. There is a lot of info on the subject and references also.
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