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Thanks for your comments. Your ability of wording your reply posts I would always take respectivefully.

My response was to Bens questions at the end of his second post. I also was answering in general and not really pertaining to his problem in his first post.

I was assumeing in my response that the engine was worn and with high mileage. My understanding is that if the rings and cylinders are OK and the valve guide or valve stem seal were bad. Oil would leak into the cylinder. This would be evident at start up with blue smoke coming from the exhaust.
Let's assume the problem does not get corrected and the car continues to be driven this way for long period of time. The leak would worsen in time. Carbon deposits can eventually build up on the valves and cause compression leaks. Also they can form a ridge on top of the cylinder. After certain amount of build up the carbon can flake off into the cylinders and work its way between the rings and cylinder walls and scourge them. Allowing gases to get past the rings. The problem would just compound. This could also happen on a newer engine due to bad parts or parts being installed wrong. Off course this would not be normal.

Thanks Again

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