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Mike, Try loosening the tie rod nut and then giving the knuckle a sharp rap with your hammer. I like using a metal faced "deadblow" hammer, but I think a regular hammer will be fine as well, as long as it has sufficient weight. Size really does matter in this case. Just to clarify this a little more, the hammer blow is not trying to drive the tie rod out of the knuckle, it is against the side of the knuckle. I guess it provides momentary deformation of the taper joint and it just pops out! If this doesn't work, try it again with a pry bar putting some removal pressure on the joint as you rap the knuckle. Having removed many rod ends while a working mechanic (notice I didn't say professional!), I never had to use a "pickle fork".

Do you have to remove the brake flex line while doing this job? If yours have never been replaced, I would suggest doing it at this time. I have heard they tend to swell or break down internally, which happened to me. I bought mine while on the road at a Salt Lake City Dealership for $15 each (front only). There are three more in the rear.

Good Luck!

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