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The truth of the matter is when you buy a 240D you are problably looking for a commuter car. With my experience people buying this car arent looking for a great looking car or one with 0 rust they want something reliable and efficient. That is exactly what the 240D is. My latest 240D i payed 1600 dollars for it with the original engine at 289 000 miles. It lasted me several years to 378 000 miles and i sold it for 1800 dollars. If you do buy the car change over to mobil one synthetic oil because it does wonders with the compresion of an old diesel engine. Also to keep it efficient get it aligned and keep good tires on it. Oh and dont forget to check the engine/ gas lines fo leeks they can be devastating to the wallet over time. If you want a pretty diesel for cheep look for a turbo 190D they moved up a body style much earlier and people dont like the lack of german power.
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