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OT: Chevy parking brake problem... lots of heat generated


One of my vehicles is a 98 chevy s-10 zr2, came with 4 wheel discs. I have tried the various s-10 forums, without much good info, so I am going to try here, since I always get good info from you guys

My truck will exhibit a loud squeek, squeek, squeek. It will do it when rolling forwards, but louder when rolling backwards. Goes away by about 10-15mph.

I had my girlfriend drive back and forth, and have found that the driver's side protection plate, that sits behind the rotor to keep dirt and stuf off of said rotor was extremely hot. The opposite side was cool.

I was really thinking it was my parking brake, because the pedal goes all the way to the floor, comes up really slowly, and the heat is the hottest at the center of the protection plate, nearly where the differential and axle attaches.

The odd thing is that if I brake hard, liek at a stoplight, then roll forward, Ill get the squeek, squeek, squeek, despite the PB not being engaged. However, at the same time, I have left my truck sitting on many occasions with the PB engaged, truck sitting in my garage for many months at a time.

So... Can someone explain to me how to tell the difference between if a brake caliper is binding, or a parking brake is binding? Im going to have to take my truck into the dealer for service soon, but Id liek to have a good feel for the problem before hand.

Thanks very much,

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