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Doug, I too own a '80 300SD. I don't think you mentioned which passenger door, front or rear? Either way to lessen the confusion about the number of panels/skins I think I can help. Our door panels are actually 2 panels sandwiched together. First you have the part that makes up the door pocket and goes all the way to the top where you can rest your arm while driving. The other part is the panel has the waffle pattern to it. With the entire panel removed you can see how the 2 are held together by little metal clips. The other panel/weather barrier is like Mike said is just a plastic barrier. Your car may or may not still have these in place, mine are missing. The part that the door panel hooks on to is the door frame/shell. Then of course the outside would be the "skin" of the door. Now I don't know why you would have to hold up the door panel to the door to test the window. If it's the front door you are talking about then obviously the switch is on the console. If it's the rear door, the actual switch itself just pops out of the door panel. It's pressure held in place by 2 spring clips that are attached to the switch itself. With the switch removed from the panel, then all you have to do is plug it back into the connector in the door frame. Hope this helps.
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