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Hi Guys,

Leave it to me to be opening the roof on Jan 7th in NJ and DUH! it gets stuck open!

Its never opened or closed easy since I bought the car, even though I tried greasing the tracks, but it always worked. Now it opened and stoped altogether. I tried the emergency crank spot on the motor in the trunk, it just spun and did not move the roof. With my wife in the car working the switch, I see the motor crank works fine, so it must be the cable broken somewhere in its casing.

What is the trick to getting it closed now??? It wont budge by pulling on it. I tried to pull the bottom cover off atleast on the front portion and saw what looked to be the attachment point of the "drive", I disconnected the two screws that held it in place and still cannot budge the panal. So whats next???

If it is the cable, I understand that you feed it in from the from the top (what I found out from my search of the archives). How would you go about getting the old one out if it is in two pieces??? Still how do I get it closed tonight, we're expecting snow

You know duct tape and a plastic bag just won't look right on a Benz, even if it is twenty years old.

Thanks, George
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