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If you see the plastic sheeting covering the door, you are ready to go. If the plastic is gone, and you can see the regulator you are ready to go. Take a razor blade, and cut the plastic just past the glue that holds it on. Then when you are done, you can tape it closed to avoid drafts.

You will see everything if you look in all the openings with a flashlight. The motor, like M.B.Doc said, has three bolts in a triangular arrangement, I think. Undo those bolts to release the motor. Have the regulator up or down so that the bolts that hold the regulator on to the straight up and down sliding surface, are where you can undo them. As you will see, you only have a few portals to go through.

I hope you can find the directions on the CD, but I think you will be surprised by how easy it is once you are done.

Like Mike said, all I meant by holding the door panel up if you have to, is to roll the window to the proper level to access the bolts. Just to be able to briefly hook the wiring back up.
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