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Leta smilie be yer umbrella...

Deezl, Smilies are easy, good answers are not. I rely on the membership to educate me, and I only contribute my ignorance in an attempt to get answers that we all need.

Hey, for your own Smilies, kids, click on the "smilies" link at the top of the posting page, and a seperate page will open with all the codes, OK? OK...

Shoe, THIS bar IS open 24/7!! If it were a real bar, I'm afraid that the discussion would likely get way off subject, be rather slurred, and not remembered the next morning...

BTW, I asked the head shop forman at Ferrari of San Francisco about the red color change of oil in Italy. He said he had never heard of such a thing, and proceeded to ask one of the home office reps from Ferrari in Italy who just happened to be at their shop that day. The Italian just laughed...he also had never heard such a thing, and suggested that it must be a joke. Ferrari uses Shell, and an Italian oil with the brand name, AGIP in their cars in Italy, and here.

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