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The flashing light is definitely a bulb. All dash bulbs are share the same fuse.
If you're going to use hooks to get out the dash cluster, you hace to do this gently. The soft dash material can be damaged very easily and if you put the hooks on the wrong spot you will tear down the glass part in front of the cluster.
Pushing the dash cluster from behind is my personal favorite (like vinamg mentioned).
If you're going to change the bulb yourself, be sure to change them all in once; just to be sure that you don't have the same problem next week again.

If you take out the dash cluster and disconnect the plugs in the back of the cluster, be sure to have the ignition key in pos 0 and don't turn the key in pos 1 or 2 whilst the dash cluster is still disconnected; it will cause a illuminated SRS/airbag bulb! Nothing happens if you keep the ignition switched off.

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