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Blow-By Normal...

My mechanic reminds me (after I read him this entire thread), that diesels naturally produce more blow-by than gas engines do, and that all engines have some degree of blow-by.

My mechanic agrees with Larry's surmise, but adds that there is a reason that the car has an oil accumulator...

In my case, @ 208K, we're talkin' about a couple of tablespoons (max) between oil changes. My mechanic thinks that is quite good for an engine with as many miles as mine has. I get some spots, but never puddles.

Ben, you might want to check to see if you have all three of the bolts under the air filter. Mine was leaking the "accumulation" because one was missing, and there was a hole there where the bolt was supposed to be. You might also want to remove the air cleaner assembly and check to see if the drain hose from the air cleaner is properly attached.

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