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Well I'm pleased to hear that the SRS light is not the sole province of the G wagen. Both my '90 and now my '95 have had this problem. Most likely the light was set off by "increased resistance". This means the bag may need to be pulled and the brushes that allow the wheel to turn and keep contact with the bag need cleaning or replacement. There is a very good chance the bag will still operate, but have it checked. I had the light reset twice on my '90 and will have the '95 done next time it is near the dealer. The oil leak could also be the head gasket, common on these engines and about $1000 to repair. Look on the exhaust side for leaks. My 320 has a leak from the oil filter housing area. Another on this site just replaced the rear main seal, that is on par with the HG for cost. They are great cars though, the power of the 320 over the 300 is a welcome addition.
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