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It's been a while since I've done a 129, but I don't think you need to remove the steering wheel. Just make sure to telescope it out as far as possible.

Since you mentioned the steering wheel. If anybody ever removes the steering wheel, please make sure to tighten it properly. Since the bolt is tapered you only need to hand tighten and then turn another 1/16 of a turn.
I've seen them so tight that it is impossible to remove. I had two cars which I had to drill out and replace the bolt. You can notice if somebody has been messing with it because the factory puts a paint mark.
One guy passed the paint mark by half a turn. I'm not sure what he used to tighten it, but I was furious.

I was doing an evaporator job and had to remove the steering wheel. I ended up lowering the whole steering column, which wasn't that bad. But I prefer removing the wheel because it is easier to work.

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