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Diesel longevity

I couldn't agree with Larry Bible more. To me, the beauty of the diesel engine is that it continues to run past the point where gas engines are sitting in the junk yards awaiting the crusher. If your diesel engine is starting ok, and isn't producing blue smoke all the time, then you can continue to run them, if you can keep oil in them. So what if they consume a bit of oil. I know people that put a quart of oil in every other tank of diesel to "lubricate" the pump and top side of the engine.

My personal experience includes completely "using up" two vehicles that went to the yard because of excessive oil consumption fouling out plugs...just as Larry speaks. I would constantly be pulling the back two spark plugs out of my chevelle 302 V8 every w/e to unfoul them. Running on 6 instead of 8 is a problem. My 81 toyota had a similar problem of oil consumption that lead to fowled plugs. If both of them were diesel engines they would have continued to function for quite a while.

I also have experience with farm tractors...and the story is the same. The diesels will use more oil (more expensive larry puts it) but their fuel efficiency and longevity of engine life beat the gas engine all over the field.

Lets see if I can get it right....change your oil hot, and change it often. And if you have an old diesel, pop the hood and check the oil once a week.

And for all those environmentalists out there, you'll never convice me that taking a car off the road because it uses a quart of oil every 500 or 1000 miles is better for the enviroment than putting 4000 pounds of junk in a scrap yard, and then going out and buying a new 3000 pounds of metal, glass, rubber, and plastic, only to repeat in 10 years. Come on people....THINK.

Motor on.

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