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Its been a long time since I took a camshaft off but I think the oil feed to the camshaft is thru the front cam tower. You can tell by looking for the oil passage from the block to the head. The 3/8 inch pipe that runs across the cam towers lubricates the cam lobes and the other 2 cam towers. It doesn't seem that a leak around the head gasket would take enough oil away from the bearings to destroy them. Running the rings dry may damage them too so I suggest you also replace the rings.

I had a 190Dc that really burned oil, about 50 miles per quart. Unlike a gasoline engine that fouls the plugs when it burns a lot of oil, the Diesel ran good. I thought the rings were bad but when I took it apart I found a crack in the head that was leaking lubricating oil into the combustion chamber of one cylinder. That combustion chamber was really carboned up because it was just one cylinder that was burning all the oil. Again I think it was #1.

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