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Another wild idea!

Hi again,

Here's another idea for you to mull over - As Mr. Swinford probably can tell you, GM Throttle body injection is very easy to understand and has a minimum of components, and does a much better job of providing fuel than any carburetor ever could! There are several sites on the net that are in business just to provide kits to install TBI on any engine. However, you could probably just "lift" the TBI from a GM vehicle of around the same displacement and install it, and it would most certainly work great on your car. The ECMs on these units will adjust themselves both to the vehicle requirements and the driver's driving style, so even if there is a mismatch at first, it will correct itself over time to match the requirements of the engine. TBI has: 1. a throttle body unit that contains the throttle butterfly, the injector(s), the pressure regulator, and the throttle position sensor. 2. a map sensor, which senses the manifold absolute pressure, and provides the ECM with feedback of the engine's load and the altitude information. 3. a Coolant Temperature sensor - the ECM uses the engine temperature information to enrich the mixture when starting cold, and leans out the mix when the engine is at operating temperature. It also provides other information, like not allowing the torque converter clutch to lock up when the engine is cold, but you wouldn't need to use that on your application. 4. a knock sensor - the ECM and associated circuits adjust the engine timing so it's always at the point of most efficient engine operation for load and gasoline octane level. 5. timing info from the distributor 6. an O2 sensor, which provides feedback to the ECM so it can always maintain a 14.7 - 1 air/fuel mix. There are other inputs, but that's all that's absolutely neccesary to make it all work properly. Hmmm, I think I will install it on my Jag!

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