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Well I finally ordered a new OVP and replaced it. But now am having problems again. Is it possible that my driving for about a month with the OVP has caused problems somewhere? What happens is, when the new OVP was placed in the car the engine almost flooded itself trying to start. Well I took the OVP out and the car started right up, I let it warm up a bit and put the new OVP back in the car, the car started running real rough and just smoothed out after about 5 seconds of rough running. I took the OVP out and the engine RPM and sound did not change. When I put the OVP back in it started running rough so I took it back out, when I did the engine smoothed out. I have heard about something called Fixed operating mode or something along those lines. Could a bad O2 sensor put the car in FOM and cause the running problems stated above? Or might it be something else. I just left the OVP in the car (which made my Antilock brakes work again) and now every time I start it (when warmed up) it runs rough for about 5 seconds or less and smooths out again also now if I leave the car idling for about 10 mins or more the O2 light illuminates and goes away after a driving about 1/2 mile. Thanks for your help and sorry about the long post.
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