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There are a few things that would drive me away from this particular car. First it was in a substantial front end collision. Second, the owner did not have it fixed completely. Third he neglected to tell you why the light was actually on. It also has an oil leak. The price is nothing special either. I looked on Auto Trader and found lots of 94-95 E320s with similar miles at similar and sometimes lower prices. Personally on a car like this I would take a few more miles over a car that was in a big accident. Like blackmercedes said these are not rare cars, and I don't think the price is in line with its history. On any car the pratices of the previous owner are very important. Not fixing the air bag system and not repairing an oil leak tell me there is a good chance he/she cut corners elsewhere as well. Move on, find a nice one. Brent
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