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I just bought a Popular Mechanics CD
for my 300E and looked at the blower
motor replacement procedures and they
look fairly easy. The only problem is
they dont go into detail about some
things. For example it says "remove
air intake cover", which looks like
the entire shield behind the
engine. The CD makes it sound very
simple but how hard is this job and
what and how will I need to remove the
"air intake cover and the shield
behind the engine. Also what is the
part number for the blower motor for a
1986 300E. Thanks for your help in
2003 Volkswagen Golf GL 24,000 miles. 1.9L I-4 TDI 5spd.

1986 300E. 115,000+ miles. 3.0L I-6 1st daily ride, around town only. (Gone)
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