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I have been looking for all the information I can on the auxiliary water pump. This is what I have found:

*If the pump does not function when hooked up directly to the battery with jumper cables than it is not working.

*If the pump is not working it should be disconnected from the electrical wiring to prevent it from using the automatic climate control push button module for a fuse. It will fry the module in some cases.

*If the pump does fry the ACC module, it is possible to carefully resolder the module.

*If it is working, than a 1 amp inline fuse should be installed in the hot wire going to the pump to protect the ACC pushbutton module.

*If it is not working or if you have to disconnect it, you will still have heat at high RPM's, but not at idle. The heat in the passenger footwell will also be better than the drivers side, and that is a symptom of a malfunctioning aux. water pump.

* Some people have disconnected it for several years because it is not working. The reason being that it is not that essential in warmer climates.

*If it is leaking, it is possible to replace the O-rings. An internal o-ring leak will eventually ruin the pump.

*If it is not working, some people claim they have put new brushes in, and this repaired it. But if the motor is bad, there is no hope.

*If you have a climate control servo, you do not have a monovalve, and vice versa.

*The aux. water pump is widely used, and has a high failure rate.

*Has anyone successfully repaired one? I intend to take mine apart, and have a look at it. I am quite sure the majority of people buy a new one, for between $79.00-250.00plus.

*There is even more to the pump actually being sent a signal to tell it to turn on. It is supposed to pump while the thermostat is closed, and when additional heat is required in the cabin. If the pump is not being sent a signal (i.e. 12 volts), or is sent a signal continually that is another problem.

Please feel free to correct, amend any or all of this information. Whatever can be added would be greatly appreciated.

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