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Sounds good to me. Now, I have to decide what to drive. You know sort of like my wife trying to figure out what to wear.

I would expect that since this is the day of the cellular phone, we could manage to synchronize our schedules well enough for me to take the 240D assuming it is back together by then. Here's the need for the phone. Call ahead so I can make it to the entrance ramp about fifteen minutes before you get to that point. Then call about six minutes before your passing that entrance ramp. That gives me the six minutes I'll need to get it up to speed so that you don't just blow right by me. After that, you can throw me a tow line if I can't keep up.

Seriously though I'm looking forward to it. If you get Mike Tangas to escort you, that'll give you the visa you need to make it across Texas with California plates without finding yourself in Judge Roy Beans jail. I would imagine that Mike's Aggie status would work for the purpose. Being a lawman, he might have some pull with Judge Bean as well.

I'm looking forward to June.

Georgia or bust,

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