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A customer comes in with a complaint of the speedo not working properly in her C class. She gives me a bill from a dealer, it reads: "Speedo inoperational, test with HHT. Found speedo head faulty and will need to be replaced". 2.0 hours labor. Estimate is $800.00.

Now I checked it with a test drive only and found that the needle would stick until about 15 mph at which point it would jump to the correct MPH. I knew the was the paint on the rest peg inside the speedo. The paint will gel and get sticky.

My remmedy is to take out the speedo and clean the peg. Problem SOLVED in less than one hour.

I GAVE it to her because of all of the other work done on her car.

Why did that dealer need to replace the cluster at an EXTRA charge and why in the hell did they charge a 2 hour diagnostic fee? No HHT was needed.

To make money, if this was the only complaint, I would have charged about 1.5...???????????????????????????????????????
Donnie Drummonds
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