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Glad to hear about the slow avg. speed! We can occupy the time not spent talking about MBs by swapping lies about the '4 hour centuries' we used to do twice a week on our Columbus or Reynolds tubed machines back in the '60s and '70s, and how it is only maturity and the knowledge that we have nothing left to prove that has slowed us down. (Hope you have a BIG shovel in your travel kit!)

BTW, about the only time my road bike goes over 20mph any more is down hill, where I can capitalize on my unfortunately increased potential energy (PE=mass*gravity*height), or with a stiff tail wind where my superior "sail area" gives me an advantage!
I figure if we don't drive non-stop , it will be 4 or 5 days each way. My brain thinks it is 20, and can do non-stop. My body admits to about 35 more years than the brain, and has reservations about this. The two usually work out some sort of compromise, mediated by coffee and advil.

Maybe Ashman will want to ride/drive too. If he wants to convoy instead of ride, we can tell long jokes over Motorola handsets, or complain to each other about our cell services not forwarding text messages in roam areas! Of course, we could always just ship the cars to Atlanta, fly there in one day, then brag about our 90 MPH average speed through 7 states with no tickets! Only downside, we wouldn't be able to link up with Larry Bible in Dallas and the story would fall apart.

This is going to be Fun!

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