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As with any road trip, the more the merrier. Somebody more creative than me has got to figure out a code-word Donnie and Bill can email out to everybody to get this little underground rally started when the shop is actually ready. What was the word in "Cannonball"?

As for cycling, here's one to get you started. As you can imagine, the computer on my handlebar records average and max. speed and I am loathe to reset it because it currently reads 47 mph for the max. The boys at the local cycle snob shop don't need to know, but your description of speed is entirely appropriate for my story. The hill was a little longer and steeper than we first anticipated, so going up was complete agony. Going down the other side, however.... My riding buddy thay day is 14 years and 50 pounds my junior and at the bottom of the hill was falling over his handlebar gasping for air he was laughing so hard. I guess he never thought he'd get wheelsuck going downhill, but then, he's not too smart.

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