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Leon Hernandez
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Benzmac, great job AND great timing. My 94 C280 is doing the exact same thing.
Is this a task for a DIY person? If yes would you share the details on how to access the needle and what is used to clean the peg?PS The speedometer needle looks like it has a slight indentation from resting on the peg, is this a problem also? can just cleaning the rest peg solve this or does the needle have to be replaced?

If not a DIY task what would be a resaonable charge? DOH dummy you said about 1.5 hours right? If that still holds then I can deal with my MB tech here in Houston.

Keep up the good work though this type of incident can really raise one's frustration level. It just reflects the professionalism of those on this forum. You represent your craft very well indeed. Wish I could get my car serviced there! Best regards. LH
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