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Ok, I bought the entire assembly through PartsShop for $237 including shipping and tax, plus no labor since Im doing it myself (great price considering the $600+ route called the dealership). Thanks everyone for your help. Yay, Im going to have heat. Actually, just one more question and I promise I wont bug yall anymore. Now my problem is, I dont know which buttons do what on the climate control system. I know how to operate the fan speeds, the temp wheel, the defrost and how to turn the whole thing off, but I dont know what the arrows represent. I was thinking that the when the upper arrow is filled in it means air will come out of the vents and when the lower arrow is filled in air will come out at the floor. Am I pretty much on the right track or am I way off? I used to have a yellow card that came with the car that tells you how to operate the system but I lost that and the owners manual.

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