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Thanks guys

THIS QUOTE WAS IN PERSON!!I GUESS I LOOK LIKE JOE NECKBONE! They actually wanted to push my appt. up to tomorrow. NO THANKS!! Have just put new Beru wires on, idle cleared up alittle, tomorrow will try new plugs. Everything else mentioned was just changed. There was an independent shop suggested to me, but I figured why not give the dealer a shot. NOT! I guess I'll try the independant shop after all. My brother laughed and said,"I told you Mercedes was expensive". Yeah, but not that expensive.

dtanesq: other than the occasional stumble when idling, the car runs great(to me anyway). I believe that they are the original injectors,not 100% sure though.

Forgot to add, the dealer believes it might even turnout to be an electrical wiring problem. For $400/$500, they might as well do the whole harness.

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1986 300E
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