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Leon, as Benzmac states, there are some hooks available for pulling the clusters on all M/B. I screwed up using them once and got the hook end turned 180 degrees out and cut into the dash pad. I marked the handle on my hooks so I can make sure that doesn't happen again. However, I find that it is just as easy on my 1995 C280 to remove the lower dash cover and push the instrument cluster out from the rear. Push it out part way, release the locks on the two plug connectors and unplug the connectors. That is the easy part. It is a real tight squeeze maneuvering it out. Things to watch: the C/C stalk, the buttons for resetting the odometer and adjusting the lighting, the top of steering wheel hub. I lay a rag atop the hub, slide it rearward and roll it inboard. I didn't have to remove any screws. I had to cut a factory seal. Then there were about eight "clips" that I had to release, one at a time, gently spreading the joint apart. The back half of the cluster comes out; it is the housing with all the instruments attached. The front section contains the clear face. I cleaned all the pegs with a soft, lint free cloth and water. I tried chemical cleaners, but they did not seem to work as good as the water. I cleaned 'em all. One other note; it is a fussy job to clean all the lint and dust that seems to come from nowhere off the instrument faces and the interior of the "glass". Check it over good before you snap it all back together.
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