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Well, after all this, I realize I have a leaky gasket that needs replacement. The dealer estimated about $950, plus motor mounts for another $250. I took it to a mechanic I know who is from Germany. He use to work on Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguars, so forth but for the past 5 years has concentrated on the Japannese Cars cause he makes more $$$ fixing them. He still does European cars, and told me he recommends replacing all the gaskets and seals and machining the head, polishing the ports, and replace the mounts, all for about $600-$800 depending on labor. I was wondering If you guys might know of any shops in the Philly, DC area that could do that kind of work, that usually deals with Strictly Mercedes. I was thinking RC-Imports. Any other things I should do while the engine is apart, a bore and stroke kit maybe

Any real way of gaining horsepower from the 2.6 m103s, or just better to not waste my money?
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