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Shocks. brakes and a MAS oh MY

Thanks for the 0-60 time.

Looks like I'm driving a slug.

Mine is ~17 seconds +or -. I checked the OBD and although the CEL is not on I have the "fuel trim" codes that others have described as a MAS, I will be replacing it this week.

As for the Brakes. I installed the Wagner Thermoquiet and they are just that QUIET and appear to be very nice and smooth coming to a stop and and do not "grab" like the the pads I had on.

I also replaced the front shocks with the Monroe Reflex and WOW what a difference. I have only driven ~100 miles since installation, but the clunk that I used to get leaving my development road to the highway is now gone. the brake "dive" is almost nill and you can feel a definate reduction in body sway when cornering.

Total time for the job was about 2 hours. Including cleanup. A hint for the shocks, spray the top nuts with a little WD 40 before doing anything else. To hold the top shock stud, I used a pair of needle nose vice grips, locked it on the top stud, then accesed the nut with an open end wrench by just pushing the fenderwell up to gain access, worked great, since the wheel was already off for the brake job.
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