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When I changed my tranny fluid last night, I noticed the linkage on the tranny flopped around where the long metal rod connects the shifter to the little arm on the tranny. upon removing the little arm on the tranny and getting the linkage down to where I could see it, it looks like there should have been some kind of bushing. Since a dealer is over 200 miles away from me, I got a plastic bushing and put it in a reinstalled everything. Before I did all this, the car would start in any gear. When I was under there, I found a little black arm with a "tit" that was not engaged in the shifter arm, it was pushed forward of the shifter. Now I have to have it in reverse or hold the shifter forward hard since I put the little black "switch " arm back in the hole of the shifter arm Is it posible to get the tranny in two gears if it is out of adjustment? So, other than adjusting the linkage until the car starts in the proper place, is there a better way? LOL. I hope someone can make sense out of all this.
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