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Same 1, it is not hard at all. I used Makita drill and bolted on. U can order directly from the manufacturer, but it is the same price as BHMA. Mine costed about $50 with shipping. If u go to the dealer, they have the same thing, but charge u twice as much. Saw it last year and wanted it, but at $100. That is way too much. It took about 2 mins to install. Positioning it is the hard part. Also, it may hinder when u want to open and close door, if cup is big and in holder. I don't have the URL, but i think it was They also have one that fits 2 drinks underneath the arm rester in that console, but u can get the same thing at any Japanese car mod store, but not same color as interior, for about 1/3 price. I didn't want that, b/c I use that space to hold misc. junk. Look at the pics closely and see if u want this or not, but it works well 4 me.
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