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A local auto dismantle has a 1987, 300 SDL, ~200k they pciked up at auction.
They are asking $3500 for it.
Generally the condition is very good BUT... it needs a new hood, radiator, grill. bumper, aux fan so it has been in an accident, hit in the front. Given that the fenders are not damaged I am guessing that it wasn't a too hard a knock. I could be wrong.

I gather that the 300 SDL is a great car, great engine if it has NOT been over heated.
What should I look for to indicate if the engine has been over heated?
My question is why would the previous owner not have repaired it with what looks only medium damage.

Also what shouldthings I be looking for to determine if this is a sound fix up project for a DIY.

The VIN# WDDCD25D9HA323790 if someone could help me check its history.

Thanks Michael
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