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Ok, heres what happend. Yesterday I was driving my car and the car just all of a sudden started driving like it wasnt getting any fuel, this only happend for about 2 mins and started driving like normal again so I didnt think anything of it. Anyhoo, this morning I went outside and the car started right up and I let it warm up for about 2 minutes or so and started to back up, when again the car felt like it wasnt getting any fuel, well the car died and now refuses to even fire. Im pretty sure that it is nothing in the fuel system (because most of the fuel system is only about 2 months old). Question is, could it be the ignition system? Like can the coil just quit and not give any juice at all, or maybe the distributor cap and rotor? Also, the fuel pump relay is also only about a 2 months old and I can hear the fuel pump run when I turn the key on, and I had my friend try to start it and I could also hear it run while it was trying to start. No visible fuel leaks and I have a full tank of gas. Thanks for your help in advance. I love my car but it picked one of the worse time to act up on me.
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