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Thanks for all the replies.

Rick, is that a photo of your SD? It sure looks in fine condition. If you don't mind me asking, what have you done with your seats? It looks as if you used sheepskin covers meant for high back seats. How do you like this arrangement? The drivers seat is in need of attention and I would like to come up with a reasonably inexpensive stopgap solution for the seat. The seat cushion is in need of rebuilding, also.

I think I see a passenger side mirror on your car and I have seen other SD's with them also. Our's doesn't have one. Is it very difficult to locate one of these mirrors? It does not look like it would be very difficult install.

Patsy, I have not had time to work on the car windows since last weekend. I was wondering what the part number is for these regulators so I can do some price research. Thank you for all the help.
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