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Hi Dale . . .I have a 1991 500SEL with the 5.0 ltr M117965 engine and I guesss I got lucky with a good one. Mine is one of the last few thousand 126 chassis cars built and spent it's life in Japan and now has 116.000 kms on the clock. The engine I am told needs a chain replacement about 100/120 K miles and for this a car with a full service history is a bonus. My 4 speed auto box is the only option really with this engine and I choose to change the oil in this almost as regularly as the engine oil. There is also a filter assembly which can be changed too. Look for blowing white smoke from the exhaust with a hot engine and signs of high oil consumption and external leakage. Regular oil and filter changes are a must and I tend to change it 2 or 3 times in quick succession when I get a new car to flush out the contamination that perhaps a previous owner didn't bother about. Corrosion around the rear window frame is common on these models as there is a bit of a water trap at the lower corners. My car tends to ' groan ' at the doors when drive hard over rough ground and I put this down to door liners and trim as I have adjusted the doors all I can. The design of the car is fairly ' agricultural ' with none of the heaps of computers the S class has and is easy, I think, to keep running well. Everything is fairly straight forward to replace and parts in my part of the world are cheap and plentiful. I certainly have no regrets and paid US$8.000 last June. If you do choose one, enjoy !
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