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Well I decided to work on my no start situation to save myself some money and here is what I found. I pulled each and every spark plug and had friend try to start the car, no spark on every single plug, pulled off distributor cap which looked as good as new, replaced rotor and still no spark. Now here is my real question, can ign. coils go bad to the point where they dont work at all? All of my previous problems seem to add up to an ignition coil problem; hard starts, very poor driveability until warmed up, engine would nearly flood on starts after new OVP was installed, when OVP was installed with engine on car hesitates and almost stalls then goes into FOM. Does this sound like a coil problem? It is a bosch coil, and I took it to an "Authorized Bosch service center" who said they couldnt test it or even find out if it was operating correctly. Anyhow, I tried the MB dealer to find out the price of a new coil and was quoted $156, I also went to the local autoparts store who quoted me $115 for a BeckArnley coil. I searched in partsshop for the part # 000 528 50 03 that was on the coil mounting bracket but it didnt show anything, and the only thing close to what I was looking for in partsshop was for 1987 and beyond 300E's. Please help. Im sorry for such a long and ranting post but I am really frustrated right now. Thank you sooooo much in advance for your help.
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