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Larry Delor brought up an interesting point. If this turns out to be pretty big attendance, will 10 technicians be enough to handle the crowd? I am sure that there will at least need to be some oil changes, and in Atlanta in June, maybe the occasional evaporator core. Plus, a lot of people may want Donnie to give his personal attention to their car at a time when he is likely to be very busy, to say the least. Maybe we need to think about ways of setting up appointments in advance, and raffling off one complete vehicle checkout from Donnie. (This should suitably impress his 10 new technicians as to his technical expertise.) Maybe a poll about expected services needs?

As for code words, I am tempted to say we could use "Sherman" for all the Yankees planning to march on GA, but that would probably offend local sensibilities. No offense - little known fact: Calif tried to declare for the South (by a margin as close as the last presidential race), but was occupied by the North at the very start of the war to "protect" the gold mines. The first CA volunteers heading for the South were surrounded by Yankee Regulars in southern CA out by Mike Tangas' neck of the woods, disarmed, and placed in POW camps, causing an influx of even more Yankee regulars to occupy the state. There are even the remains of a Yankee run POW camp in Long Beach, allegedly haunted!

BTW, if there are any mistakes in this posting that I didn't catch, it is because I am trying out DragonWare voice recognition software instead of the keyboard. You know your a couch potato when you are too damn lazy to even push keys!

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