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Well my dad is extrememly pissed off with the Mercedes Dealer in Beverly Hills. Thay have had his car for 3 weeks doing the 60k service, something which I would think would not take very long at all.

Not only that, but they gave him a real crappy ford taurus for a loaner, after he took his car back to them because they hadn't done the service right.

Looks like I'll be taking this up with MBUSA on my dad's behalf.

I told him I wanted copies of the invoices, the tech and service managers names.

All I plan on doing is filing a complaint with MBUSA about the extremely slow servicing of the car, and some of the other things that has been done.

The tech who is working on the car seems nice, but how can it take 3 weeks to do a bloody service? What could they be doing where it would take that long?

Not to mention the large bill he has gotten, perhaps MBUSA will eat some of the cost.

What do you all think I should do, or how do you think I should handle it.

Should I just file the complaint, or should I work on trying to get something out of it. I really don't care about getting anything out of it, but better service for his car, without him having to be without his car for 3 weeks and having them not fix things they are supposed to.

I hope I don't run into too much trouble getting a hold of the right person. Who should I try to get a hold of at MB USA? The so cal rep or west coast rep? A Supervisor? The complaints dept?

Thanks for your advice, I want to make sure my dad is not getting screwed because of shoddy service to his car.

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