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I have a 1995 C280 which was recently serviced. Before bringing it in, there was a recoccuring noise in the area of the right - rear passenger door or coming right from behind. My mechanic said it was the fuel line or pump and said he fixed and the noise was normal (its still there) and I don't think its normal, and passengers in the rear complain about it because it sound like a pump filling up over and over again. Just a little info about it - the car started doing it about 75,000 miles, and so did my 94 C220 and it still does it. It will make the noise in Park, Drive, Reverse for about 5-10 mintues, and after driving it eventaully stops. also, when the battery is turned on only, it will make the noise. Please help with this issue - is something that can be fixed or is the aging of the car.

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