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Cruise Control 83' 300D

Sorry for not answering the replies to my question sooner, but I had to go to St. Augustine, FL to pick up my non-cruise controlled car. I took the advise of the first two replies, because I read them before I left. 1st. I changed out the speedo cable with a used one, and low and behold the speedometer work, but the noise that was generated in the dash was unbearable. I have never heard so much racket in my life, unfortunate the cruise control still was inoperative. 2nd I went by the Pensacola MB dealer and bought 2 new Bosch bulbs for the brake lights and install them. Still no luck with the cruise control.
Now that I have received a 4th reply on how to trouble shoot the cruise control system, that will be this weekends chore. Wish me luck.
Thanks for all the help so far, will let all know the outcome.
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