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Well guys..I bought it!...
I took all the advice given here and drove this Coupe back from DC. Man was it smooooth.
Here is an update on what I have found wrong with the car so far. I still need a little info on some of these minor things.
Transmission and engine seem fine. Glow Plugs stayed on maybe 10 had been sitting in the cold for 24 hours....started right up, so no engine strain there.
The body is in excellent condition from a blemish standpoint. Only one scratch about 1 1/2 inches on driver door. Front bumper rubber missing. Interior is excellent. Only one rub spot about the size of a silver dollar low on the driver side where the person has been sliding in and out.
Here is a list of what is wrong. Any input is appreciated.
>Rust - could only find a tad of rust under the trunk along where it is screwed in. None anywhere else. Trunk is getting moisture inside under the hood. I assume the seal needs replacing.
>Seals need to be replaced around side windows eventually.
>Power antenna needs replacing and tied into switch on dash.
>Vacuum system for doors isnt working. Probably tubing and or compression leaks.
>Cruise control won't work.
>Odometer is messed up along with the trip part.They will turn a mile every now and again.
>Tachometer only works intermittantly.
>Right window works every now and again. Could be a short.
I personally feel it is well worth the price I paid. It does need a good washing and a wax job as it has been sitting virtually still for a year. It has been serviced and cranked often but not really driven.
Any information you can provide on the things listed will be most appreciated, especially about trunk moisture.
Oh, one other thing. The H/AC works but damn it's

1983 300CD Turbo Diesel
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