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Originally posted by LarryBible
If anyone wants to be cured of their wanting the extra cylinder in a 123 diesel, go change the starter, or pull the engine on a 300D and do the same thing on a 240D. The 300D is a royal PITA compared to the little four. It's like one is a Model A and the other is a late model front wheel drive car.

I pulled the engine from my manual 240D to change the clutch. As I recall it was less than five hours start to finish. Don't try R&R a five cylinder without allowing at least twice that much time. Many of the components such as the starter will require at least twice as much time and twice as many new swear words. There aren't enough existing swear words to complete these jobs on a 300D, you usually have to make up new ones in order to complete the job.

Relative to many other cars now being driven, the five cylinder 123 cars are easier to work on, but the four cylinder is a piece of cake compared to most anything being driven regularaly on the roads today.

My $0.02,
Larry, don't take this the wrong way.
I haven't ever pulled a starter from a 5 cyl diesel yet but how often do you have do this? Maybe there are some things that may take twice as much and require new swear words in addition, but again, how much more often do you have to tackle them than you would on the four banger? I find working on my 5 cyl relatively easy compared to all the Japanese cars I've owned in the past.
I'm glad that I have the 5 cyl turbo-diesel so that when I accelerate to get on the freeway, I don't have to do it with my head turned looking behind me the whole time I'm doing it.

84 300D Turbodiesel 190K with 4 speed manual sold in 03/2012
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