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I love the sound of MB's, but NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING sounds better than a Mopar.

I guess it's the firing order that gives it it's unique sound. I had a '69 Roadrunner before we started using Turbo mufflers instead of glasspacks. The glasspacks on that car were loud, but I got more compliments on how well it sounded. Of course another element at the time was that the air cleaners were unsilenced.

I would like to think that the other reason for the compliments was the constant plug, point, etc attention that I gave it. I kept it running well. Accept for a Holley replacement, the car was stone cold stock, with 4 Speed and 3.36 gears. A friend had one almost identical that was heavily warmed over with manifold, headers etc. We ended up at the right stop sign at the same time one afternoon and the race was on, I beat him by several car lengths. From that I managed to make a believer out of him. He started paying much more attention to how well it was maintained and less to how many dollars in accessories he had.

It's too bad about the rest of those cars. Most Mopars that I ever got into, after slamming the door, my first inclination was to roll down the window to look out and see what fell off.

Take the engine, put it in a decent sports car, and you've really got something.

Go through the gears once extra for me.

Have a nice weekend,
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