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AllI can say is sure I've butted heads with a couple people on this forum on some things, but I think everyone here for the most part gets along very well. If you put 700 people in the same room, your bound to find people who don't get along, its human nature.

Personally I wouldn't try on purpose to piss anyone off or offend them, but if I am getting chewed out because of my own opinion, I wont appreciate that and will defend myself.
Things can usually be worked out in a calm manner. All that is needed is to talk about it. Thats why I love this place, everything I have read has been very honest most of the time, so its kind of hard to say that its a bad thing. heheh I would rather have someone be honest than lie to me. now who knows, I could be wrong, maybe we have all just been lying our asses off this whole time, but if I had gotten that vibe, I wouldn't have stuck around long.

there will always be people who will disagree, thats just how life is.

To me this place is entertainment and education all rolled up into one. I enjoy reading about everyones cars and I love reading about what the solutions might be. I also like the interaction we all have because it makes me feel like I am part of a community of people who like me, Love their benzes!

Say it loud and Say it Proud! "I LOVE MY BENZ!"

hehe oh if you want you can supplment benz with

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