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Exclamation 1988, 300E Engine shut down then Check Engine Light On

Hi All,

Yesterady, While driving my 1988 300E, 151k miles, before coming to a complete stop due to traffic on the freeway, all my idiot lights came on and I realized the engine had shut off. I restarted the
car without any problem. The fuel guage was at 1/4 mark. I drove for 10 miles, filled the tank with gas and went home.

Three(3) hours later, I started the car, and everything seemed fine. I drove in the freeway for 15 mins, exit the freeway. When I got to complete stop, The "Check Engine" Light came on. I restart the car, but still there

Any suggestion or comments. This is my first MB, and I just do not know where to start.
I could take it to somebody, but I like to fix it myself if I can.

I keep reading it could be the Overvoltage Protection Relay(OVP), where is it?

Thanks for your help.
1989 300E, 152k miles
1988 300E, 172k miles

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