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1. Get the valve guides and seals replaced.
2. Have the valve seats recut and the valves refaced.
3. If the mileage is high, consider the chain rails, but..remember, to get them off, you will need to disassemble the front of the engine, ie. front cover, harmonic damper/crank pulley, etc.
4. Remember to check the length of the head bolts prior to reassembly, as they can be stretched beyond specification. The head bolts are torqued in three stages, the last two being angle tightening thru 90 degrees. I would replace them. Not very expensive insurance.
5. Have the cam checked for lobe wear and end play while the head is apart.
6. Make sure the tech replaces the spacers that fit between the valve stems and the rocker arms when the head is reassembled.
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