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You should ask Parts Shop for a quote. The part no. that longston mentions for the W116 air filter mounting bracket is for "aftermarket".

Parts Shop does not list the aftermarket number, but I am sure they can get it.

The quote for part no. 617 090 03 40 from Parts Shop is $45.00, actually. I would guess that because there is no "a" after the part number that this is a new one from Mercedes Benz.

The Benz Bin lists a new one (617 090 03 40) for $70.55, and an aftermarket(617 090 03 40a) one for $28.71.

The price for one at Megaparts is $21.16.

I would make sure you know if the price is for a new one or an aftermarket one.

Round rubber air cleaner mounts with the stud are around $1.50 each, and I believe there are 3. The part number is:
617 988 01 11

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